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Jimmy Leo speaks on the topics of Creative Marketing, Performance as it applies to life and sales, and Team Building (teamwork and deadlines) utilizing balloons and comedy as mediums for “Fun”, Motivational speaking.

“Jimmy Leo’s classes have been a huge asset to my company. In the past 4 years I have attended Jimmy’s classes numerous times, learning different marketing and performance strategies. I have put his methods into effect and my company has more than doubled it’s net worth. Some of the ideas I was reluctant to try, but because I had success with other strategies I learned from Jimmy, I went outside of my comfort zone and tried them. Success as well!!! Jimmy’s ideas and strategies for marketing and performing work, my company has definitely benefitted from taking his ideas and putting them to into effect.

When I first started taking Jimmy’s Performance Classes, I had only one aspect of performance to offer my clients. I learned the benefits of diversification and finding out what the market needs. Once I put Jimmy’s ideas into action, I now have numerous shows and performance ideas for any client. This has greatly expanded my business and myself as a performer. It has placed me in high demand with my clients.
Jimmy’s marketing strategies have opened my eyes. I had little to no marketing skills, I now have the skills and confidence to market my company worldwide. Not only does his classes give you ideas and suggestions, Jimmy gives you the skills and knowledge of what to do and how to do it. Knowledge that you can put into place the minute you arrive back to your office. I now know the importance of marketing for my company, thanks to Jimmy’s Marketing Strategies, my company will continue to grow.
Debbie Stevens – “The Twisted Ones” Presentation Company
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

When Creativity ATTACKS!
Jimmy Leo takes center stage with his wit, wisdom and balloon artistry to give one of the most entertaining presentations on Creative Motivation. Covering the topics of positive impacts, persuasion, personal improvement, stress reduction and humor, Jimmy calls upon stories from his own life experiences and takes you on a journey of self discovery and personal awareness that will benefit all attendees on a professional as well as a personal level. Clear the cobwebs and dust off your gray matter – this presentation will have you thinking in ways you never considered before and leave you wondering why you never considered it sooner. WARNING! – Audience Participation and FUN will be REQUIRED!

Deadline Diligence & Teamwork TREMENDOUS!
Armed with an arsenal of balloons, comedy, and creative thinking, jimmy Leo will force YOUR associates to step out of the comfort zone and INTO this HIGHLY interactive workshop demonstrating that personalities may collide, but creativity and positive energy will result in a fusion for success! Through this workshop, your associates will have a much better understanding of the importance of time management, the importance of deadline diligence and the mindset necessary to successfully work with any team under any conditions.
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You Said WHAT?!?!?!

After lecturing across the country for ten years at a variety of entertainment conventions, Jimmy took a long hard look at the material he was presenting; He wrote a book on it, produced a DVD on it, but never wondered how his knowledge of performance and presentation skills could fare beyond the entertainment world. Suddenly some research into professional speakers revealed something amazing; As he watched video after video of speakers teaching presentation skills for business and the social world, he noticed the remarkable parallel to his own performance lectures that he offered – which now offered up a whole new idea; Teach speaking and presentation techniques to NON – entertainers. From comedy and Interaction to the best way to capture and retain someone’s attention. Tone and Facial expression to Body language, word selection, and speech patterns. Learn presentation skills from someone who has been captivating audiences for nearly twenty years. The world is your oyster with this new exciting lecture NOW AVAILABLE to the REST of the world. Bring your sense of humor, because Jimmy bringing his!

“A Jimmy Leo speech is a roller coaster ride of fun, learning, and inspiration. I took Jimmy’s performing class in Texas in 2003 and it changed the way I look at writing and performing. I have used these ideas from Jimmy’s classes as I build my successful business as a family performer in Southern California.”
Laura Caldwell – Balloon Storyteller, Southern California.

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