I’ve seen Jimmy Leo at a recent tradeshow.  I consider him a 9 out of 10 with regard to both his ability to entertain as well as his ability to generate foot traffic to the booths.  His balloon scultures were amazing to EVERYONE surrounding the booth and he even built a life sized balloon sculpture of a woman as an added means of attracting attention.  He has a keen sense of getting in touch with people’s sense of curiosity and utilizing it to his client’s benefit.  He’s an asset to ANY businessperson wise enough to want to increase tradeshow booth traffic!

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  1. Amy Smith - Rompin' Rover says:

    Dear Jimmy

    I feel so fortunate to have met you at the West Pasco Chamber networking event just in time to book you for the eventwe did at New Port Richey’s Red, Woof, and Blue event this past weekend.

    Not only did your presence at our booth generate so much interest, but having you there was like having an additional employee focused on selling our business! You made sure EVERYONE that showed an interest in you knew about our business and service too, by directing them to speak to us. Even the OTHER vendors at the event commented to us how good you were and that they wished they knew about you before we did! I can definitely say that having you at our booth generated additional business for us.

    We will definitely be using your services at future events including the SPCA’s upcoming Annual Pet Walk. Not only are you good for business, you are fun to be around and you make people happy with your special balloon creations!

    Best Wishes,


    Amy Smith

  2. Janet Johnston - Lokey Motor Company says:

    Dear Jimmy,

    I felt compelled to write a testimonial and let you know how impressed I was with Cloud 9 balloons.

    While I was looking for entertainment for Lokey Motor Company’s annual picnic, I made several calls to different entertainers (face painters, D.J.s,etc). I ended each call asking if they could recommend a balloon artist, several highly recommended you. From our very first conversation, I knew Cloud 9 Balloons was the company we would hire. You were energetic, professional, and you interviewed ME to be sure the two companieswere a good fit for each other. I was intrigued by this, it showed me you were not just about making money, but about being the very best you could be. I knew we were in good hands.

    On the evening of the event, you were on time. From the moment you started until the moment you ended, you treated each Lokey employee and their families as if they were a member of your own family. You were kind, patient, and EXTREMELY funny! During the event, several employees came to me and complimented me on finding you. I feel sure that Lokey Motor Company and Cloud 9 Balloons have just started what will become a long lasting relationship. I would highly recommend Cloud 9 Balloons to any company or person who would like to hire quality entertainment that not only is excelent but who truly enjoys what he does. Please feel free to use me as a reference in the future.


    Janet Johnston

    Sales & Marketing Coordinator

    Lokey Motor Company

  3. Mrs. Christine Beird says:


    Thanks for coming to Delphi Academy. The kids loved it!!! See you SOON.

    Mrs. Chrissy Beird

  4. As a fellow balloon entertainer, when I started out in this community learning how to entertain with balloons, Jim was the one of the TOP names that I was told I needed to meet. And everyone that told me that was right. Twysted Jim is truly a talented and great teacher. I even buy his DVD’s on how to twist balloons because if I want to be one of the best I need to learn from the best. Jim it’s great to see your new website going live. I WILL be checking back soon.


  5. Laura Caldwell says:

    A Jimmy Leo lecture is a roller coaster ride of fun, learning, and inspiration. I took Jimmy’s performing class in Texas in 2003 and it changed the way I look at writing and performing my show. I have used these ideas from Jimmy’s classes as I build my successful business as a family performer in Southern California.

    Laura Caldwell
    aka “Annie Banannie”
    Balloon Storyteller, Southern California.

  6. Jimmy Leo’s classes have been a huge asset to my company. In the past 4 years I have attended Jimmy’s classes numerous times, learning different marketing and performance strategies. I have put his methods into effect and my company has more than doubled it’s net worth. Some of the ideas I was reluctant to try, but because I had success with other strategies I learned from Jimmy, I went outside of my comfort zone and tried them. Success as well!!! Jimmy’s ideas and strategies for marketing and performing work, my company has definitely benefitted from taking his ideas and putting them to into effect.

    When I first started taking Jimmy’s Performance Classes, I had only one aspect of performance to offer my clients. I learned the benefits of diversification and finding out what the market needs. Once I put Jimmy’s ideas into action, I now have numerous shows and performance ideas for any client. This has greatly expanded my business and myself as a performer. It has placed me in high demand with my clients.

    Jimmy’s marketing strategies have opened my eyes. I had little to no marketing skills, I now have the skills and confidence to market my company worldwide. Not only does his classes give you ideas and suggestions, Jimmy gives you the skills and knowledge of what to do and how to do it. Knowledge that you can put into place the minute you arrive back to your office. I now know the importance of marketing for my company, thanks to Jimmy’s Marketing Strategies, my company will continue to grow.

    Debbie Stevens

    The Twisted Ones

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  7. Kim Crane - Paw Wash PLUS! says:

    Working with Jimmy Leo from Cloud 9 Balloons has been such a pleasure and a privilege. I first met Jimmy during the Main Street event in New Port Richey in June 2008. It was hard not to notice the swarms of children that were gathered in a circle watching him perform his amazing talent. He is not just a balloon artist but he is in fact an entertainer, his personality shines through his work and just memorizes kids and adults with his creations. I brought my daughter and a friend to this event to help promote my business by handing out free items and business cards. Before long she was handing out Jimmy’s cards and promoting his business!

    Barktoberfest 2008 was our first fundraising event that we held and we knew Jimmy would be perfect for this event. He not only donated three hours of his time to perform his balloon magic but also donated some wonderful silent auction items that helped raise money for local area pet rescue groups. He did a live audience demonstration and created a life size dragon and then donated his masterpiece, which we auctioned off creating a bidding war between customers.

    Jimmy Leo is like no other balloon artist I have ever met and I look forward to working with him for future events.

    Kimberly A Crane

    Kimberly Crane
    Owner / VP
    Paw Wash Plus of Trinity
    2319 Seven Springs Blvd.
    New Port Richey, Fl. 34655

  8. Laraine Majka says:

    Bravo, Jimmy Leo. I knew when I read the article about you in the Pasco Times that you were the act for our Christmas Party. I was right on the money. From the moment you stepped into the Gulf Harbors Yacht Club, you entertained the Children and Families with gusto. Your high energy act delighted all present. There was never a dull moment from the beginning to end. Everyone was mesmerized by your performance. There were laughs abundant and children with wide eyes looking to see what was next. The grownups too. The kids all waited on line with great patience, as you entertained each one, and presented them great balloon surprise. A tribute to your people skills. Truly A Class Act. Thank you once again. It’s been a pleasure to meet you.

    Laraine Majka
    Chairlady for the Anchorettes Children’s Christmas Party Gulf Harbors Yacht Club
    3926 Marine Parkway
    New Port Richey Florida 34652

  9. Tina Shelton says:

    Balloon artist, Jim Leo, is a great entertainer for children as well as adults. Through his amazing balloon art and his comedic personality, Jim is an absolute entertainer. I can promise you that your guests will always remember your party or event with very fond memories when Cloud 9 Balloons is a part of it.
    – Tina Shelton

    Tina Shelton
    Membership Director
    West Pasco Chamber of Commerce
    (T) 727.842.7651 (F) 727.848.0202

  10. Joy Hiatt says:

    We had dinner at Cody’s Restaurant one evening back in December 2008. It was Kids Night and Jimmy was there making balloons for all the kids, and THE BIG KIDS too. Jimmy came over to our table and immediately started talking with our son Brenden. Jimmy asked Brenden what he liked to do and play with and Brenden named off a few things. All the while, I am thinking to myself that we are going to see your everyday little dog or giraffe balloon. “Oh My Goodness” this balloon that he made Brenden was this huge “Green Alien” Hat with all the “finer details” and was completed within just minutes. Jimmy is quick on his feet and quick with the jokes and just made Brenden laugh and us too. As he moved on table to table, I watched him with what he could “make” with balloons and HIS talent was “beyond compare” of what I had ever seen.
    I remember us still talking about the “balloon guy” in the car that night on the way home.
    A couple days later, Brenden says to me ” Can I have the Balloon Guy come to my birthday party in January”? Brenden was turning “9”, so I was a bit unsure if his age group would love the “Balloon Guy”. But…. the rest is history. I made the call to Jimmy, booked him for Brenden’s party and he gave a “phenomenal show” for 13 kids and about 8 adults. Jimmy had these kids so “worked up and happy”. They ALL received balloons to take home and Brenden is still talking about how much fun his “9th” birthday was. The kids didn’t want to go home.
    Thanks Jimmy … and what a talent you have. Sincerely, Joy Hiatt, Holiday, Fl.

  11. Georgine Gumiela says:

    What a great idea to have Jimmy Leo at any event you have planned for. He will entertain everybody no matter what age. His balloon creations are
    OUT of this World. I recommend him for any party. He kept the children amazed with the work of his hands. Longleaf Elementary School will for sure have him return for future events. Thank you Jimmy for making our events so successful.I look forward to working with you again soon.

    Vice President PTA Longleaf school
    New Port Richey Florida 34655

  12. Jane Neal says:

    Many thanks to Jimmy Leo of Cloud 9 Balloons. We had the pleasure of enjoying Jimmy’s work while dining out one night and contracted him for the main attraction at our daughter’s birthday party which was a huge success. Jimmy had the adults as well as the children involved and loving the show. Thanks again for the delightful entertainment sure to be remembered by all!

  13. Jimmy Leo of Cloud Nine Balloons is the “American Idol” of entertainment. Whether children at birthday parties, or professionals at corporate events, trade shows, Jimmy has conquered them all with his quit wit, his ability to interact with diverse constituencies and the magical way he brings smiles to anyone’s face.
    Jimmy Leo of Cloud Nine Balloons participated in Business & Professional Women/Calusa Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show last year. This event is one of many fund raising events that helps Calusa raise monies for its’ Scholarship Program made available to women from the community as well as other noteworthy programs within Pasco County. Jimmy Leo served as the finale of this Show and what a finale! Jimmy created “Balloon Couture Fashion”. He designed two balloon dresses which were modeled at the Show. His creations were brilliant and our models looked wonderful. It was just the right ending to a wonderful event. Jimmy Leo of Cloud Nine Balloons. Don’t miss what he can offer you!

    1. Jimmy Leo says:

      Thank you ALice, I’m only as good as my audience, and your attendees made my job very easy and alot of fun.

      Jimmy Leo – Cloud 9 Balloons

  14. Joanna Kariofilis says:

    I hired Jimmy Leo / Cloud 9 Balloons for my 11/23/08 wedding reception. I was looking for a special surprise for the children. Jimmy really listened to what I was looking for when I described the service I needed. Our wedding was very formal and I did not want the balloon artist to make it feel like a kid’s birthday party. He really seemed to get the ideas I had. I did not want his services to take away from the “main event”. Jimmy showed up on time and several of the parents reported that he did an awesome job. He made some really amazing balloon sculptures for the 10 children. He was very pleasant and easy to work with. I would highly recommend him. Jimmy has a very pleasant calming personality and I was so glad I hired him.

  15. Rob Kress says:

    Amazing Job Jimmy!

    My name is Rob Kress. I am the Marketing Director for IERNA’s Heating & Cooling. Jimmy Leo attend a special DNA Life Print Event Hosted by IERNA’s Heating & Cooling. It was a special event catering to kids and kids safety.

    Jimmy was AMAZING! He really created an energy at the event that just blew me away. He had music, great balloon sculptures that he created for the kids, and his persoanlity kept eveyrone laughing and everyone just wanted more, more, more. We had over 250 kids at this event that day and Jimmy handled it with no problem.

    If you want a TRUE ENTERTAINER and a professional at your next event….I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Cloud 9 Balloons and Jimmy Leo. Job Well Done. I know we will be using his services again.

    Thank you Jimmy Leo for helping our event to be a such an amazing success!

    Rob Kress
    Director of Marketing & Public Relations
    IERNA’s Heating & Cooling

  16. We just can’t say enough about how much we enjoyed having you at our October church event! Everyone (kids AND adults) had a blast watching you make your amazing creations. You definetely know how to draw a crowd and keep them happy! Thanks so much!

  17. Georgia Gay says:

    Hey balloon guy!

    What an incredible performance you put on tonight for the children’s family fun night! Your enthusiasm for children’s fun and learning simultaneously is remarkable. A true “sight to be seen”! My children thoroughly enjoyed every minute of your performance, as did I….

    My children discussed for an hour at least about the many ways you could actually fit inside the huge balloon! I am sure it will be a topic on their minds for days to come! Good times had by all tonight! Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing for kids!


    Georgia (the elephant volunteer, her mosquito volunteer son in tow, and daughter in audience)

    They both say “THANK YOU BALLOON GUY!”

    * When you get time I would love to see the pictures from tonight if you would email them that would be wonderful. I want to show everyone what a great performance you put on!!!


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