Family Events

Different packages are provided for different needs.  Because a local 3 year old’s birthday party with 5 children would never expect to pay the same as a Bas Mitzvah at a Swank Hotel’s grand Ballroom with 500 people in attendance.  For that matter,  that Bas Mitzvah would never expect to receive the same kind of entertainment provided at that preschooler’s small house party!  The solution rests within YOU!! YOU determine the party Package you get!  Some of the important factors that need to be considered in determining the right kind of Cloud 9 balloons Entertainment include the following;

  • The size of the audience
  • The length of time needed
  • the KIND of entertainment for the venue
  • The kind of venue itself
  • the distance of the event
  • will there be multiple bookings?
  • Are there any special add on features that are desired? (Life size balloon sculpture, for example)
  • military discount
  • other special considerations? 

With that in mind, it’s time to look at some of the packages already put together and determine which one best suits YOUR needs.  From there, any other special desires can be factored in to create the PERFECT entertainment for your event – and make you look like a MILLION DOLLARS to those the party attendees who know YOU went out of your way to make SURE they had a great time!

The “Decaffeinated”

The unlimited cup of balloon animals – For the folks that prefer to keep it simple.  Small one balloon creations are made for all comers to delight in watching and keeping.  Options are limited for the purpose of keeping the fun moving at a fast pace.  Time frame – 30 minutes

The “Light and Sweet”

This is the first package with the fun turned up a notch.  Lots of smiles and pleasentries from Twysted JIm, with a small balloon show geared towards the younger ages.  Designed for the younger age bracket with a fewer amount of children at the event, this package is designed with the young and the young at heart in mind.  The light and sweet is the appropriate name for this package.  Time frame – 45 minutes.


The reason so many book Cloud 9 Balloons.  This package begins with an unparallelled balloon show interactive with kids and adults alike.  Marvel at the interactive hat performance, Be amazed at the Spiral Disc of DOOM, witness some of the most amazing balloon masks and hats ever seen made, and laugh at the comedy and storytelling that accompanies this package.  This is the one that seperates those who look at their dollar first from those who know EXACTLY what they want for thir party guests – NOTHING BUT THE BEST!