Educational Presentations

“The Living Storybook” – Literacy Program
See Educational stories COME TO LIFE with the help of your students/guests. Providing Balloon hats, masks, costumes and props, Cloud 9 Balloons makes attendants of your function the STARS OF THE SHOW! By becoming characters in the stories, children spread the message that, “READING IS FUN!”
From “Tales of Hercules” to “Silly things with Balloons”, dare to have your heart touched, your minds challenged and your funny bones tickled! Unmatched balloon artistry and comedy merge with educational concepts for a performance that will leave your students appreciating reading LONG after the last laugh is had.

Dear Jimmy,
Thank you so much for the wonderful program you presented June 10th at the Seminole Community Library @ St. Petersburg College, Seminole Campus. We appreciated your punctuality and professionalism; both the staff and audience found your presentation to be extremely humorous and unique. Your show was dynamic from the giant Mardi Gras balloon head that opened the show to the grand finale with the world’s largest balloon.
One of the best elements of the show was how well you involved audience members in the stories that you presented. The children, teens, and adults in the audience were captivated and entertained during the entire show. The stories you told were not only humorous but also reinforced reading and promoted the library.
We look forward to having you back at our library in the future.
Thank you,
Kim Goonis – Seminole Public Library

“Cloud 9 Balloons did an amazing job! He managed to entertain the adults as much as the students! What a way to KICK OFF our opening ceremoney for P.A.R.P. (Parents As Reading Partners) He recreated Christopher Columbus and his men cutting their way through forests of twelve foot high balloon trees and 8 foot long vines while fending off wild balloon boars and OTHER PERILS!!!
Joanne Navas – Association President Sullivan Elementary School

“The Balloon Stage Show!” – (Designed for audiences larger than 100)
Sometimes a presentation is needed that will BRING DOWN THE HOUSE. The audience size is large and few entertainers understand the key principles to getting and holding an large audience’s attention while subtly pushing out educational message they can respond to. Worse yet, some imitators claim to do it with little to no experience at ALL, making YOUR kids the Guinnea Pigs! Want a great show? Jimmy Leo is the Performer’s performer, having travelled across the country teaching performance and presentation techniques to other entertainers. If he understands the importance of concepts such as Finales, Openings, and Interaction, why would you risk your day in the hands of some one else?

“In a nutshell, the show was AMAZING! The students not only participated in the show one and all, they learned a great deal about the importance of reading in the process. Through his stories, he also managed to teach them other cultural aspects such as nature and mythology. Even the teachers and the principal found him to be a very skilled storyteller with a positive message in every tale. “
Joanne Verdecchia – Manor Oaks Elementary School

Shows are personalized to what your needs and desires are. Shows can also be tailored to match your specific themes. Children become the STARS of the Performance by being the actual CHARACTERS in the story! Donning balloon costumes, hats, masks and props, they stand and deliver a dynamic performance that remains educationally based. As a performer, Jimmy Leo understands the importance of a show with such WOW appeal that the kids talk about it long after it’s over. AS a parent, Jimmy understands the importance of making it a moment for parents and children to bond together – resulting in a special connection that will be talked about years later. Finally, as a professional educator (yes, he’s also a school teacher), Jimmy will be sure his main focus is to hide little educational lessons in YOUR entertaining performance. Educational lessons from previous shows have touched upon the subjects of;
1. Math
2. World History
3. Mythology
4. Literacy
5. English
6. Anti-Bullying
7. Science

In what way can Cloud 9 Balloons educationally entertain YOUR Audience???
Standard Rate – $300.00 – * Show length can also be tailored to needs

“I am writing on behalf of everyone who attended the shows presented by Cloud 9 Balloons at May Moore Primary School. I received so many compliments which are all a credit to Jimmy Leo. The show was terrific and the kids LOVED the ‘Three little pigs.” The balloons were FABULOUS! My kids still have their big bad wolf mask and the butterfly wings that Jimmy Leo so nicely gave to them to take home as souvenirs. Thank you so much for enhancing our PTA event and making it such a success. I hope to work with you again in the future.”
With thanks,
Tricia Fekete – May Moore Primary School

Self Esteem Balloon Workshop
Ever see three HUNDRED long skinny balloons tossed about a classroom and then used to artistically take children on a trip of self-discovery? Cloud 9 Balloons now offers balloon twisting workshops that are fun, educational, and boost self esteem!
Nearly twenty years ago, Jimmy Leo tapped into the creative art of balloon twisting at a low point in his life. As a result, things changed in a very positive way for him, and now he shares it all with YOUR STUDENTS! – As children shape the balloons into various things, this class helps to shape their self-esteem and values!
Learn a brief history on Jimmy Leo, how balloon twisting took him to new discoveries of self worth. Then watch your students discover new abilities within themselves with each balloon creation! Each class will take children through the creation of practicing a simple balloon twist. When they are done, they realize they have just created the “classic balloon dog”! Jimmy Leo then enlightens them that the skill they have just acquired enables them to go FAR beyond one simple balloon animal…. And so the journey BEGINS!

“Jimmy Leo of Cloud 9 Balloons presented a multiple week series on balloon twisting for some of our students. They not only came away from the class with some skills on balloon twisting, but an improved level of confidence in themselves as well. I recommend Cloud 9 Balloons to anyone who wants to build self esteem in their students. ”
Eileen O’Sullivan – Cherry Avenue Elementary School

Workshops are classroom sized, with a twenty five person limit. Lots of laughs along the way add to this funtastic program! For booking self esteem balloon workshops, contact Jimmy Leo of cloud 9 Balloons at (727) 267-5774
* Any event under ninety minutes with a driving distance exceeding 25 miles each way
incurs a $20.00 travel charge.

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