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The Balloon Solution - Escape the ORDINARY!

·The Balloon Solution


Ever feeling down?  Depressed?  Perhaps you expected more out of life for yourself.  Do you feel as if you are surrounded by those that are holding you down?  Do you look back on your life thinking so many opportunities have passed you, only to remain out of your reach?  You’re not alone.

The number one question asked of Jimmy Leo as people marvel at his abilities of balloon artistry is how he got started.  The answer they NEVER expect is the one he responds with – that it was his way of coping with depression.

The Balloon Solutionis the lecture that captures Jimmy’s true beginnings – a 9 to 5 employee at a job he hated while spiraling deeper into a depression over a broken relationship.  In the end, Jimmy doesn’t get the girl back, but gains so much more.  Share in his personal self discovery and see how his solution led to his rise to being a category authority in his industry, as well as many other crowning achievements he has been a part of, including holding a national record for inflating the most balloons, being a part of the crew that built the world’s largest balloon mural (yes, it’s in the guinness book of world records), his appearances in a documentary on balloon artists and performers, the book he’s written, the instructional DVDs he’s created and the numerous lectures he’s given throughout the country.  Let’s not leave out how it also led to his meeting his beautiful wife of nearly ten years and their two gorgeous daughters.

Take a magic carpet ride of drama, mystery and comedy, with a few twisted balloons along the way, that demonstrate how NONE of us are EVER truly alone!  Laughter is the true solution, so let Jimmy show you the lighter side of life, teach you the art of laughing at yourself, the beauty of releasing your inner child, and make you do a great deal of thinking along the way.  You’ll be changing your mindset and beginning your own voyage of self discovery long after the last laugh is had.