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Florida PTA Showcase

I want to take the time to thank everyone who visited the Cloud 9 balloons Exhibit booth at the Florida State PTA Showcase. The generated interest in the educational presentations being offered demonstrated tremendous positive feedback – we couldn’t be happier. What it goes to show is that we all seem to be on the same page. Kids today need to maintain a strong focus on literacy as the bedrock of their education; that antibullying presentations seem to be EQUALLY as important as the other topics in consideration, that you agree children learn better when the learning is presented in a fun way and that it really DOES make a difference that Jimmy Leo, himself, is a state certified teacher in Florida. We emphasize again that we will continue to use spectacle to capture their attention and then drive home our messages; Reading is important, learning is FUN and to NEVER let go of your DREAMS! We look forward to working our educational programs into assorted themes and formats, and are excited at the possibility of making a difference in the life of your students. Take home a small miracle. Book Cloud 9 Balloons for your next school assembly and spend some quality time listening to your children talk about the amazing show they witnessed; Quietly bond with them and cherish the moment as they gush on and on about “The Living Storybook” and the amazing 6′ round balloon

Because an additional showcase has presented itself within a reasonable time frame, we will be waiting a few weeks before pulling the name of the winner of the free performance and digital photo frame. Should the scenario change, we will keep everyone posted. Thanks again for your contributions at the showcase.

Jimmy Leo (King of storytelling) – Cloud 9 Balloons


The PASCO TIMES of the St. Petersburg Times

An article on the front page of the Pasco Times back in late september of 2008.  Enjoy the read and the pictures. http://www.tampabay.com/news/humaninterest/article819016.ece Jimmy Leo – Cloud 9 Balloons


Better serving YOU.

Visual Impact Things are about to take a very serious turn for Cloud 9 Balloons, with a new mindset towards building a stronger partnership with our current clientelle, as well as giving every possible reason to potential clients to see the reason why CLoud 9 Balloons provides offerings that other entertainment companies don’t – The

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New Website going LIVE

Thank you for taking the time to visit Cloud 9 Balloons, where the fun starts with YOU! We’re working hard at Cloud 9 Balloons to bring you the best possible forms of entertainment in regards to balloon artistry, workshops, lectures, comedy and stage performances.  Currently we are developing new packages so visit the entertainment section

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