Birthdays and Other Venues

These package are applicable strictly to the non formal party market. That special occasion, be it communions, christenings, birthdays, etc., when little Johnny celebrates his special day with all of his friends and family. We all know a little Johnny and most important, we want to make sure he gets the right kind of entertainment on that special day. Enter Cloud 9 Balloons!

Package 1 – For the client with a cozy group of children that require “that extra
something”, Cloud 9 Balloons, Inc. now offers a thirty minute package.
Package 1 features straight balloon twisting, which removes the hassle of
losing valuable balloon twisting time due to an interactive show. It allows the
guests to have as many balloon creations as they can get their hands on within
the given time period. From balloon costumes and hats to masks and animals.
This package is perfect for that parent who seeks just a “little” something
extra without “breaking the bank!”
Standard Rate – $90.00 per thirty minutes.

Package 2 -This package contains all of the balloon twisting involved in Package 1 with an additional surprise or two! For an event with twenty to thirty children, Package 2, much like Package 1, enables an all out assault of balloon twisting ARTISTRY. For a group under twenty, Package 2 offers the same balloon artistry complete with a balloon show that is interactive verbally as well as physically with adults and children alike! Given enough time, Cloud 9 Balloons finishes up this package with the great sword
fight – A battle between the balloon man and the kids; Winner takes ALL! WARNING! Fathers WILL more than likely be expected to participate.
Standard Rate – $150.00 per sixty minutes. Standard Rate – $225.00 per ninety minutes
* Any event under ninety minutes with a driving distance exceeding 25 miles each way
incurs a $20.00 travel charge.

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