• Member of the Guinness World Record Balloon Mural Crew – 3/8/99.
  • Co holder of the record for “most non round balloons inflated at once (11 inflated)
  • Jimmy Leo is a national instructor, having taught performance, marketing and presentation skills in New York, Florida, Maryland, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, and Las Vegas.
  • Produced instructional DVDs : Jimmy’s Jungle Safari Volume 1, Jimmy’s Jungle Safari Volume 2, and “Journey to the Center of the Stage”.
  • Has written his own book on marketing and performance
  • Written and submitted numerous articles and ebooks on the topics of presentation techniques, creative marketing, and performance.
  • He has given numerous presentations and demonstrations on achievement, self improvement, and presentation skills.
  • He has written for such magazines as “Funny Paper” and been the spotlight feature of magazines such as “Balloons & Fun Times” and Balloon Magic, The Magazine. His designs and instructions have been featured in Balloon Magic.
  • Has worked on the legendary “New Year’s Eve Times Square Balloon Drop”.
  • He has appeared in the movie, “Twisted; A Documentary on balloon artists.

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